Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Vernal Equinox!!

It is the first day of spring here, and a beautiful one it is! I feel better already. I’m beginning to shake the winter funk, and am excited about my big weekend!

*Text from Mike when I woke up this morning…”I can’t wait until tomorrow. I can’t stop thinking about you.” Sounds promising…I am starting to get nervous!

*Found out that drug guy is MARRIED! Has been for ELEVEN YEARS! What a douche.

*I didn’t finish the painting for my best friend’s birthday gift. Guess he is getting a bottle of his favourite cherry vodka. That’s probably better than my art anyway!

*Fat cats are happy the windows are open. We all know life is all about making our pets happy!

*Decided that it was okay for me to buy something to take to the party tonight instead of making something. Cop out! **********This is me holding my friend's baby the day she was born*********************

*Found out my friend’s baby is partially deaf in both ears. Hoping it is just fluid that can be drained.

*Can’t wait for the party tonight…dancing all night listening to records, talking about crazy stuff, people who don’t think I’m (too) crazy!


  1. Yay! Thank You, V.A.

    Oh, have fun on the weekend, and make sure you bring back all the gossip!

    Sending lots of love to little bubba and praying for a good outcome. Btw, holding a baby looks good on you. :D xx♥

  2. Drug Guy is married?? What a loser! Mike sounds much nicer! :-)

  3. Have fun at the party! And good luck with Mike.