Thursday, March 12, 2009

Strange dreams and good stuff

The last few nights have been really strange…dreams about my ex in which he was the person before the cocaine. Dreams about my dog who died back in September. A blind sheriff in my front yard with a seeing eye dog, a friend’s baby having a gruesome deformity, and the usual stuff about work and co workers.

I have always had very vivid dreams. I used to have night terrors so bad that I take a medication to help me stay out of that sleep mode. I can still vividly recall the worst nightmare I ever had, which occurred when I was about five. When things with my ex were really bad I would wake up out of a dead sleep screaming and crying.

Strange how I remember the most horrifying dreams, and not the good ones. Kind of like life where, for me anyway, it seems so much easier to recall the bad than to recall the good. Why is that?
Now that I have that out of my system…good stuff!

*I have another double shift scheduled Friday! Have I told you yet how grateful I am to have a good job?

*I got new make-up! I am very girly that way, I love make-up and lotions and potions.

*I am so grateful to have a place to live. I met a homeless man last weekend. I had never actually met anyone who was homeless. My first instinct was to bring him home, but I decided that wasn’t a good idea. I have to keep myself in check over things like that.

*Books Books Books! I love to read. Just finished ‘Mockingbird’ again and have started ‘Angela’s Ashes’. This is another book I read several times a year. Many people don’t understand why I would re-read a book, but to me it’s like listening to a record you love over and over again.


  1. Ewww..I hate bad dreams! Hope you are able to get that turned around soon.
    I love Mockingird as well - one of my all time fave books. Reading is a HUGE passion of mine Stay well. Enjoy your girly girl make-up!

  2. I had a really weird dream last night too. Not bad, just weird. Usually I don't remember dreams. And, I love make-up too. :-)

  3. There is a part in our brain, I think called the Amygdala (?) that processess memories. The memories have an 'emotional charge'. Those memories with the strongest 'emotional charge' are the ones most likely to be remembered.
    Probably why the yucky ones are reatained.

    Love to you.xx

  4. I love Mocking bird and can read it many times- also Mists of Avalon and Pride and Prejudice.

    weird dreams this end too vevay-
    you are sounding really on top of life though, which is excelelnt xx