Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bits and pieces

*Greg…is 31, has a four year old son, is divorced, is a chemical technician, loves history, especially Irish and Celtic, is very intelligent, has lots of tattoos, (I love tattoos) is very handsome, has red hair, tells me “I think I’m in like with you” and is just lovely! We are planning another date, and have actually been going over our schedules for the next few weeks so we can see what days we can get together!

*I…had a pity party for myself yesterday. Teary eyed, pissy, whiney, hormonal. Oh, I’m going to be thirty and I have accomplished nothing… no body loves me…I’m fat and ugly and have a big zit. My house is messy, the laundry needs done, shitty litter boxes need cleaned, and I can’t get any over time at work. Boo-hoo, woe is me, think I’ll drink some booze. Decided that wasn’t the best idea. Think I’ll drown myself in chocolate. Better alternative, but still not a good idea. Think I’ll read some blogs.

*I…read many blogs last night. Stopped crying for myself, but started crying for the pain others are experiencing. Why is life so unfair? These people don’t deserve this pain. Why can’t I help them? Why can’t I help everyone? Why can’t I make puppies, rainbows, and children’s laughter for the world so everyone can be happy and everything can be wonderful?

*I… clicked on a link from a post by Gina at From The Myst ( I laughed so hard that I had to stop reading, and come back. I will definitely be following that blog!

*I…felt better. Got a new word. Had comments on my blog. Talked to Greg. Didn’t reveal that I become a psychopath once a month. That I probably have only one good week out of the month, as I suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome, during menstrual syndrome, and post menstrual syndrome!

*Today…Is a beautiful day. I have wonderful blogger friends. ‘The sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so are you!” (Dear Prudence by The Beatles)


  1. I hope you continue to have a great day my friend! Life is tough, but we're tougher, aren't we! I happen to be having somewhat of a pity party today myself. Sometimes we have to let it happen. Best wishes for a great upcoming date with Greg! He sounds wonderful and if he makes you happy...all the better! Blessings and hugs, Lisa

  2. I'm so happy to hear you're so happy! Greg sounds like a catch - and don't feel bad about turning 30. That's like "spring chicken" age these days! :-) My first son was born a couple of months before my 30th bday and my daughter was born a couple of months before my 38th!

  3. 30 is fun!

    Greg sounds sweet.

    PMT etc sucks :(


  4. (((hugz))) We are all here for the journey & sometimes the lives that seem the most ~sad~ are the most ~rich~ xox Good luck with that man he sounds luvverley! X:-)

  5. Okay..let's see if I understand this have PDPMS??? YIKES!!!!

    Ditto on Greg sounds luvverley! I really hope this works out well for you, and that you have a lot of fun with this guy.

  6. Mmm, wonderful about your new fella... I love tattoos too, and can relate well to that part. :) And I can relate to the ups and downs, too. The thirties are so much better than the twenties, in my estimation of it. Things do mellow out a bit, eventually... ;)

  7. i love you even though you are only almost thirty !!
    thats huge for me !!!
    greg sounds nice and he better be......
    squeeze the zit, empty the litter trays and thank the goddess you are not getting overtime- you cant keep up as it is girl !!!
    smooches dear sister.....all is as it must be for now.....

  8. Hey, I suffer from that same syndrome!! :) And I'm 44 years old.

    I'm enjoying your blog.