Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank you!

Audrey( - thank you sooo much! I have also always wanted to do a meme, but have never been tagged!
The Honest Scrap Award:
1) Tell your readers 10 things they don't know about you, but that are true.
2)Tag 10 people with the award.
These are my 10 things:
1)I am a horrible housekeeper. I am very unorganised at home.
2)I am very organised, however, at work. Everything has a certain place, and goes in a certain order.
3)I procrastinate way too much.
4)Adam Sandler is one of my favourite actors. I think he is sexy!
5)I studied acting in college for about a year. Unfortuneatly they wanted me to sing and dance, neither of which I do well.
6)Like Audrey, my favourite music is classic rock.
7)I am afraid to examine my inner self too closely, because I am afraid I won't like what I see.
8)I like men with hairy chests!
9)I love horror movies.
10) I am horrible at math!
I have changed the rules a little bit for this award. I hope this is allowed.
#1 This is no longer an 'award'. It is a gift. For you to keep. It represents your gift for honest and open blogging. You are not obligated to pass it on, although you may if you wish.
#2 I would like to read your ten facts, though!
These are my ten people to receive the gift
3)Lisa (wearin my heart on my sleeve) (
If you have already received this, remember, it is now a gift! If you have already posted your ten things, you could just post your favourite book and why you like it, only if you want to, though.
Will be doing the meme shortly...I'm excited to do it!


  1. Psst! I like hairy chests too.
    I am horrible at math.
    Yep to classic rock.
    Adam Sandler? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    Will think it over and do it soon.

    Love to you.xx♥

  2. Congrats and thanks! I appreciate you thinking of me. I will do this one day this week - I need the inspiration! :-)

  3. Hey, thanks for this!! :) I'm with you on #8 and #10 as well. I'll put together the list on my blog this week.

    Have a glorious day!