Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 things that have recently made me happy

I’m getting to where I can’t do anything without thinking of writing my next blog entry. Yes, I do eventually get sick of complaining about everything and being all ‘emo’. (I recently discovered that was a word younger people use today, and I’m still hip, dammit!) I thought I would write about some things that have made me happy recently. This is earth shaking stuff, folks, so hold on!
1)I got a valentine from my Papa who lives far away.

2)My friends Michael and Mason both called to wish me happy Valentine’s Day.

3) My friend and co-worker Stacy brought in extra lunch for me at work twice this week.

4)I found out today that a friend’s autistic nephew was able to move to a home where he would be living semi ‘on his own.’

5)I did get asked on 3 Valentine’s Day dates, that was nice, but I turned them down for personal reasons.

6)My cats Scout and Boo Radley said they would be my valentines. (If you are not a cat person, just forget you read this one.)

7)I convinced a male co-worker to get a little something for his wife on Valentine’s Day, and heard through the grapevine today that she was moved to tears as he had not done this in at least 20 years!

8) I’ve found out that there are actually people who read my blog, and they leave very kind comments. This makes me feel really good!

9)I was able to work several doubles last week. I’m grateful to have a good job.

10) While working a double last week, I woke a patient up to give her morning meds. When she opened her eyes she said she was very lucky because I was the last person she saw before she fell asleep and the first person she saw when she woke up. This was sincere, and it made my extra effort worth while.


  1. beautiful-gratitude- nothing like it- i love your blog- its authentic and yes, i think about blogging alot too
    smooch xx

  2. Hi Vevay, I found you through Lisa's blog.I forgot to leave a comment. I liked the bit in your post about moving your co-worker's wife, that was lovely. It put a smile on my dial, thank you. :D

  3. I sounds like you are truly surrounded and supported by some wonderful people :)


  4. Great entry! What a wonderful week you had! I especially like the fact that you talked that husband in to doing something extra special for his wife! Brilliant! I loved her response as well. Maybe, just maybe he'll keep it up! from Lisa's blog too. I am another Lisa! Nice to "meet" you! Lisa