Wednesday, February 18, 2009

As of today...

Revelations from a sunny day driving with the windows down.

As of today…

1) I no longer give anyone permission to make me feel bad about myself.

2) I will no longer allow anyone to use me just to make themselves feel better.

3) I will recognize my own self worth.

4) I take charge of my future.

5) I will not let anyone else tell me how to run my life.

6) I don’t want anyone in my life that doesn’t want me in theirs.

7) I will rediscover myself.

8) I will decide what is right for me, and I will do what I decide is right.

9) I will find inspiration everywhere.

10) I will be grateful.

11) I will give love freely to those who handle it with care.

Having said all that, I am subject to bad days and hormonal changes!


  1. If I could find the time and inspiration to do just 4 of these things I would feel accomplished. Life takes it's toll and I take a nap! Hmmm, theres a blog title...LOL

  2. I absolutely LOVE those 11 things!!! ALL 11 OF THEM!!!

    Exactly what I need. Especially number 6 right now. I really needed to read that.

    Thank you so much


  3. great- good- put it out there- the strength of a women is formidable- we are amazing- and the more you value YOU the more others will too..........
    excellent post

  4. This is an excellent list - way to go!


  5. I'm smiling like ever at your "disclaimer" at the end! You Go, Girl!



  6. Loving the hormonal changes! Love the post.x