Saturday, February 28, 2009

That Rocks! - and - Boo! That sucks!

Things I like – or – That Rocks!

1) Buying kettle cooked salt and vinegar potato chips and not having to care if anyone else in the house likes them.

2) Sleeping in on days when I can hear the rain on my roof.

3) Fat cats curled up around me.

4) Re-reading my dog-eared, torn, faded, crumbling, high school copy of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ and savouring every word!

5) Time to do something with, time to do nothing with.

6) People who are honest and don’t play games.

7) Having enough money that I can donate some. (I gave up the new makeup, but am not giving up the pedi!)

8) Beautiful blogs brimming with brilliant thoughts.

9) Alliteration.

10) Me! I rock! You! You rock, too!


Things I don’t like – or – Boo! That sucks!

1) Not having closure.

2) People who lie, cheat, steal, or use others.

3) Books that don’t wrap up well at the end.

4) Animal abuse. (I agree with you Natalie!)

5) Being sooo tired from working that you can’t do anything on your day off!


  1. great list/s!!!

    and you really 'do' rock you know!!! (so do I - lol)


  2. In my next life I want to be a fat cat sitting in the sunniest part of the house. For hours and hours!

    I LOVE kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips! Yum!

  3. glad to see the positives outweight the negetives two to one....
    Lisa x