Monday, February 23, 2009

My Purse Has Been Ostracized!

I have a strange relationship with my stepmom. I don’t think she has ever accepted me, and I get the feeling she just plain doesn’t like me. Things have been a little better over the past few years, but I think the damage has been done. Having said that, I am very close to my stepsister, her daughter.

My stepmom Carla, my stepsister, Sheila, and my niece Becky all carry ‘Vera Bradley’ purses. If you don’t know what that is, I don’t know if I can help you. They’re all types of purses and bags that come in different patterns and the patterns are then ‘retired’, making them more valuable. (I guess) They’re cute purses, but I’m partial to mine.

The purse I carry came from a garage sale when I was in the eighth grade. It is handmade, probably from the late sixties or early seventies. It’s the only one I’ve carried for many years. It’s all leather and has served me well, considering the abuse it takes.

When I go over to my dad’s house, the girls compare their new Vera Bradley’s. “oooooh! They have placemats in that design, too!” They will LITERALLY move all their purses to a pile away from mine. It started as a joke, but after a while, it started to get to me. My purse isn’t good enough to be next to theirs. Does that mean they think I’m not good enough, either?

Two Christmases ago, my dad and Carla gave me a gift certificate to Jungle Jim’s for Christmas. Jungle Jim’s is a sort of ethnic market, selling mostly different foods. They happen to have a Vera Bradley shop there as well. I finally remembered the gift card the other day, and decided to use it. I went with the sole purpose of getting a Vera Bradley.

The designs and colours are beautiful. I looked at them for a good 40 minutes before making a decision. As I held the purse in my hands, I could feel it had no soul like mine does. (Does that make sense?) I pictured myself carrying it. The compliments I would get. I could hear people saying “Ooooh! A Vera Bradley!” and “I love that pattern!” Then I heard someone say, “Look! I have the exact same one!” My next vision was of me chucking it in the nearest dumpster.

I put the purse back on the shelf. I could tell the sales lady was genuinely shocked I decided not to get it, and I’m sure she was tsk-tsking me in her mind. I used the gift certificate to treat myself to cold medicine, vitamins, and organic tea instead. At least I won’t chuck those in the dumpster!


  1. Vevay, I tried desperately to leave you a comment yesterday. I am hoping it works today.

    Isn't it interesting how much value people place on "things!" I learned the hard way that all of the Vera Bradley bags in the world can not prolong your life. I believe it is better to find joy in simplicity and to not attach so much status on a bag! Cold medicine, vitamins and organic tea are the way to go, my friend!

  2. Good for you! Integrity is all important if you are to love yourself authentically. YAY!xx

  3. ten points my friend- stay true to you- always xx

  4. I say you can have a Vera Bradley! Go into your kitchen and grab an oven mitt. Sew a strap on it. Voila! It's the same thing. For a lot less money. LOL.

  5. I dont even know what a Vera Bradley is, but I say... WOO HOO you go girl!!! Stuff em... you know what I would do, I would wait til they put all their purses in a pile away from mine, then i would move mine to right in the middle of the pile and then laugh my head off. lol

  6. I've heard the name, but didn't know it was such a big deal in the "purse world!" I search high and low for the purse that has just the right amount of pockets/dividers, zippers, strap length, etc. It doesn't matter to me whose name is on it as long as it hold all my stuff in the organized manner in which I like it! Some of my friends just had to have the Dooney and Burke purses when they were the rage! Who cares! I'd say keep your beloved purse as long as it's working for you! Do we really pay that much attention to the purse one is carrying anyway? I don't! Take care and keep your purse away from those others so it doesn't get a complex! LOL! Lisa

  7. Yay for you! My daughter had to have a VB computer bag when she went to college. Funny she always thought they looked like Grandma Bags before college. Then she borrowed her roomates VB to take her computer to class & agreed it was perfect for her computer. It is so funny, she doesnt like it for the brand but for the ease of her need.
    I love that you have a bag with a comfy soul. I totally get that. Don't cave to the peer pressure girl!